Is My Marriage Over? 5 Signs Your Marriage Is Doomed

By Brad Browning

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Is My Marriage Over?

The 5 indications Im likely to protect belowwhich have already been shown to suggest a wedding is headed for divorceare centered on proven technology.

Scientists like Robert Levenson in the University of Washington and John Gottman regarding the Gottman Institute have now been learning wedding therapy and relationship characteristics for a long time, and these 5 signals indicate a married relationship that is prone to result in divorce or separation with a precision price over 90% which, whenever you consider it, is obviously pretty amazing.

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5 Signs Your Wedding Is Doomed

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Which are the indicators of the marriage that is regarding the brink of collapse?

Sign # 1: complaining or criticism

The very first indication of difficulty in a wedding is CRITICISM or COMPLAINING. Basically, this relates to circumstances where one partner gets upset in the actions or behavior of these partner, and puts the fault in it or their character.

By way of example, lets say you arent actually the kind to assist down much with housework, and rarely tidy up the kitchen area after dinner If your partner answered by saying, you never assistance with the bathroom. Youre such a lazy slob, that will the sort of critique very often shows an unhealthy wedding.

Sign number 2: Defensiveness

The second sign, defensiveness, frequently goes in conjunction with critique. Continue reading