Latter-day Saints claims internet protocol address legal rights to block Mormon dating internet site

Along with punishment of procedure, it may seem like there is good argument for genericide: whenever a trademark becomes mainly unenforceable as it’s synonymous with finished . itself. Think Kleenex or Xerox.

It really is difficult to observe how you can create a straight argument that is faced “Mormon” is not generic for Mormonspeople who proceed with the Book of Mormon. Had they sent applications for the mark they never would have gotten it today.

Hmm, it would appear that the EFF believes that the definition of “Mormon” has lost its trademark in addition to Church does not think therefore.

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We believe I tend to side because of the Church with this one. While “Mormon Match” is pretty catchy, i do believe you can find better, more innovative names, which you can use that could talk to those of us that fit in with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

A”brick” so you don’t think people should be able to call a brick. Sorry. that you do not get to police language any significantly more than any spiritual or secular organization does.

I prefer that better but most likely not as sneakily marketable since its snarky not moving it self down as nutritious and in the up and up with church values

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