Grand Canyon college (GCU) invites all adults and families of potential students to the local rear to father or mother details Sessions

Built to assist your household prepare a knowledgeable college investment, know more about lifestyle as a GCU rear straight from an up-to-date GCU parents within domain. Might share their own experience in you and respond inquiries maybe you have. (more)

Explore GCU Virtual Ideas Sessions

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Kids and family members from the nation are generally invited for exploring scholastic programming at GCU from the comfort of home! Engage almost with a course progress professional, listen to an introduction to educational choices, discover internships and groups, inquire and a lot more. GCU might be giving bi-weekly classes for its implementing programming:

Colangelo college or university of businesses college or university of training school of excellent Arts and manufacturing university of humanity and Social Sciences university of Nursing and health related careers school of discipline, Engineering and engineering technology institution of medicine, technology and engineering Pre-Health institution of discipline, technology and innovation technological innovation College of Theology GCU pub baseball GCU awards College (more)

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