This will be the first post in a continuous series about Beth Ditto, or namely, reasons why I like her.

Beth Ditto, if you’re unaware, could be the lead singer of the musical organization indie queercore band, The Gossip. She’s a talented singer, an advocate for homosexual rights, plus an sex symbol that is atypical. The woman is fab.

Because she does stuff like this.

Dittoh no! Beth strips at show

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HERE’S BETH DITTO giving a performance that is gutsy simply bra and jeans.

THE GOSSIP singer stripped down during her set at North London’s The Barfly.

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Plus the audience enjoyed it – with the exception of one chap who had been hit in the face by way of a flying sanitary towel.

Later on sozzled Beth t k a camera through the paparazzi to snap them, but by the night’s end she was slumped on the fl r.

The woman’s got chutzpah. I would never have the guts to ever show my stomach off right in front of my buddies, aside from at a music gig. Her center doesn’t l k that bad if you ask me, then again again, I’m more utilized to women that are seeing seem like that because I happened to be raised in a household of high in them. I say, more capacity to her.

Even though the objective of switching this event that is relatively minor a tale for Victoria Newton’s Bizarre section of the sun’s rays was just this part of mean-spirited, the responses regarding the tale were not nearly as mocking or hateful as I became anticipating. Continue reading