porn wolf, max konnor , is out here creating a whole porn empire. i’m not really into their scenes all that much, but through the ones i’ve watched, he does put in work .

he’s been working in helping black people interested in stepping into porn . this is exactly what he is launched via “ away “…

With three models under its title already, Haus of Konnor (H/K) is just a talent management business “tailored to your representation of color within the industry,” according up to a launch. The business will “strive to ensure the most comprehensive development, support, and representation for types of color.”

well okay then maximum. i’m interested to see where this can go. it’s no secret that numerous performers enter this industry with no appropriate representation . often, they just get it will lead into it and see where. they have been hot 1 minute and gone the following. the thing is tho…

“Onlyfans” and “JustForFans” content is regarding the increase

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i remember i usage to check on heavy for “ dawgpoundusa ” and “ breeditraw “, but i don’t even comprehend if those companies remain something. these platforms that are new doing the Lord’s work with supplying quality content . there exists a degree of “ real and natural ” with “onlyfans/justforfans”. you understand i love that shit. those platforms allows folks to have more will that is free be their particular bosses . there is no shady behavior whenever you’re the one in charge of your fate. i’m glad max konnor is helping other homosexual black porn performers get represented tho. we certainly require some new and finer talent that is black conventional porn. i’ll allow it.

low-key i adore whenever folks take their blessings to greatly help other people. love love like to see it.

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Kudos to him to be willing to assist other blacks coming behind him who wish to do the just like him

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