An index of Things Ive Heard Bout Keanu Reeves Sweetheart Coz I Cant Let This Become.

Last night, we provided you the bittersweet intelligence that Keanu Reeves seems to have a sweetheart, after they and lady happened to be detected possessing possession at a red carpet party in Los Angeles. Should you for some reason dont understand just why however this is bittersweet, it is sweet-tasting for Keanu exactly who some of us adore and who’s had a hardcore daily life plus its sour for all of us because ALL OF US ADORE KEANU.

Ahem. In any event, the girl at issue are 46-year-old specialist Alexandra allow, who appeared to be extremely pleased indeed become joining Keanu at said party.

Genuine looks of how smug I would check basically was actually possessing hands with Keanu Reeves. Loan: Stefanie Keenan / Getty Design for LACMA

And just why wouldnt a person become? The man is actually a delight. But Ive done a bit of research and located completely that however for everybody jealous sluts, Alexandra likewise looks like a delight.

Heres everything I open:

1. No, the woman is definitely not Helen Mirren

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20,000 remarks on our very own tale yesterday were like lol is actually dat helen mirren lol. Uncanny to think that more the particular one lady globally may be appealing and hobby gray tresses! Continue reading