Sexualized, Submissive Stereotypes of Asian Women Lead to Staggering Rates of Violence

Today, the National system to End violence that is domesticNNEDV) honors the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination. We recognize this possibility to both examine the existing structures of oppression that lead to intensified violence and discover a road to closing racism and gender-based physical violence.

Being an Asian US woman, all many times, we see Asian ladies being sidelined in conversations surrounding problems that affect females of color.

While you will find portions of Asian communities that enjoy privileges that other communities of color are not afforded, the existing structures of energy and privilege negatively and dangerously affect the experiences of Asian ladies in unique means. The figures of Asian females are exoticized and hypersexualized, as well as the recognized submissiveness of some cultures that are asian glamourized and erotized. This fetishization decreases Asian females to an inaccurate and stereotype that is detrimental and produces staggering prices of physical violence. These alarming prices of physical violence plainly show the requirement to acknowledge and stop the discrimination that is racial it.

These issues affecting Asian communities while this discrimination is overt, there are very few conversations that address. Pop culture is inundated with sexualized stereotypes about Asian females every single day. Continue reading