John Paul Brammer remembers the day he published the line vividly.

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Vicky Leta/ Mashable

He was standing in line for RuPaul’s DragCon. Inside, the newest York City place ended up being decked out for the weekend-long party of drag culture Aisles of wigs snaked through the convention center. Sequins sparkled through the hallway. Drag queens mingled with fans.

Brammer, a writer, received a message from the audience of their advice that is weekly column two brief but complex questions would you believe that there is certainly such a thing as ” the one and only” with this planet for everybody? Would you rely on real love?

As he explored the convention, Brammer could shake them n’t. So, midway through the very first day of DragCon, he left.

He walked up to a nearby Starbucks, found a seat within the crowded cafe (”I had to fight while I was there”), Brammer wrote his response to the advice seeker for it, and it’s not fun to fight, but I did it and I won”), and over the course of roughly an hour, with policemen swarming nearby (“Someone tried to steal something. Continue reading