Introduction to R Programming is the basis of this beautiful open source language, including lists and data frames. R Programming Training in Chennai is purely offered by our Exclusive trainers. With the basic knowledge gained in this course, you can undertaken the first data analysis. R is rapid in becoming the leading programming language with static data science. It grows rapidly in increasing the number of organization. You will learn the basic commands like “seq”, “rep” and you can see the graph that created in R.

What is R- Programming?

  • R is a free open source programming language which is available on every major platform
  • This is very popular in the field of statistical, machine learning and data manipulation
  • Dynamically typed interpreted language
  • Awesome support community
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Course Duration of R Programming
Regular Classes
  • Duration : 45 Days
Weekend Classes
  • Duration : 9 Weeks
Fastrack Programming
  • Within 15 Days.