Bondage Intercourse: Ropes, Ties, Positions, Blowjobs, Restraints and The Rest You Must Know About Bondage

Here’s our pick for the TOP 3 sexiest novice bondage techniques to try!

1. The tie position that is crab

The tie that is crab position binds the sub’s wrists to their ankles and commonly adds bindings around their knees and elbows too. This might be a serious restrictive place them only to roll onto their back and open or close their legs as it permits.

a much less dangerous variation for the crab tie position is making use of silk scarves to bind the sub’s forearms to their calves. It’s super-sexy and it is ideal for blow jobs and cunnilingus in addition to regular intercourse!


Your sub sits on to the floor or a sleep due to their knees bent. You blindfold them with a silk scarf or blindfold and hold their arms close to their knees. Bind their hands against their calves utilizing either a silk scarf or Velcro cuffs that are arm-to-thigh.

2. The seat bondage place

Popularized in Hollywood films through damsel-in-distress situations, the chair bondage place is reasonably restrictive while staying comfortable and excessively low danger. You can test this place on any chair that is sturdy a straight straight straight back and armrests, but an expansive intercourse chair with wrist and ankle restraints works like a charm!


Your sub sits from the seat along with their hands regarding the armrest and their legs on the ground. Connect their wrists towards the armrests and their ankles into the seat feet. (If you’re utilizing a sex that is inflatable, make use of the built-in restraints). Continue reading