Just What does a previous white-power activist do after being drummed from the motion?

Meet the spam Nazi

He turns to peddling penis-enlargement pills.

By Brian McWilliams


Dave Bridger answers their cellphone having a simple “Yo.” It comes down across as feigned mafia-like toughness. You could scarcely blame him for being edgy whenever the device bands.

In recent weeks, Bridger has published his cellphone quantity in 1000s of junk e-mails sent all around the globe. The spams invite other “real bulkers” to become listed on him in peddling a penis-enlargement product called Pinacle.

“Everybody wants a larger penis, which means this product brings an amount that is massive of . All you do is MAIL, MAIL, MAIL. And gather your payment check,” claim Bridger’s invitations.

For over 3 years, Bridger has deftly balanced the most challenging task of a spammer (or “bulk mailer,” to make use of the word he prefers) offering contact that is enough to make a sale without putting the entire operation at an increased risk.

For Bridger, maintaining a grip on their identity that is own may another challenge. Continue reading