We thought that all of them followed the same rules and guidelines, regardless of the user’s intent when we first started researching background checks.

More understanding of our methodology

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After conducting about 150 hours of consulting and research with experts, we realized that in an effort to higher assess which companies surpassed the industry standard, we needed to separate background checks into two categories those for work or company purposes and the ones for personal usage.

Criminal record checks conducted for employment purposes are managed by a system of checks and balances, with industry regulators for instance the nationwide Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS) and legislation just like the Fair Credit scoring Act (FCRA) providing accreditations and directions. Companies that provide these types of reports are generally very similar in scope, with comparable offerings, and features permitting integration with applicant monitoring systems or apps that are mobile. This sort of check can only just be carried out aided by the subject’s signed agreement.

Personal usage criminal record checks, having said that, can range the gamut from genuine to frankly unethical. To qualify for inclusion within our list, we required that each business be completely transparent about their sources, never make unverifiable claims ( as an example, “it reveals all there was to know of a person, address, e-mail, or phone number”), and provide a fair level of accuracy and updated information, with few gaps in a person’s history. We began by having a total of 24 companies–14 of that have been well suited to individual usage and 10 for business or employment purposes. We then evaluated them based on the forms of background checks they provide, the standard of their reports, their certification, value, and customer care. This led us to six top picks that we think express the best on the market. Continue reading