The tips for Oxford’s finest.

We’ve all already been through it. New out a separation, absolutely nothing to manage on a tuesday evening, or simply just just a little bored. it is simple make a profile, and hard break free from the countless cycle when you finally’ve been down that dating app rabbit gap. But to save lots of the worry of working out who’s value those priceless correct swipes, Cherwell have made one a definitive guide to Oxford Tinder young men… look over at the personal possibilities.


Are recognized by way of the traditional ‘boats n hoes’ canal photos – incentive areas if they’re in lycra, shades, or top to bottom stash. Should they have the company’s erg ratings in their biography, run a mile.

PROS:There’s good reason that countless of these bring nude photos…

DRAWBACKS:…there’s likewise an explanation that several of them end up on Tinder – planning you have a two-minute change without rowing marked on your calender? Think again.


Yet another traditional Oxford kid – straight-out of individual school and into the city, with a quick stop in Oxford to satisfy mom and daddy. This guy ended up being possibly originally from an impeccably customized suit, and converse like he’s held it’s place in elocution instructions since he had been three – better he almost certainly enjoys.

CONS:There’s anything so unnerving about someone who has their own lifestyle with each other at 19… are you currently a proper person?

PROS:Somehow has financial – expect to become wined and dined.


You might vaguely understand he because he’s rested with at the least a couple of friends and family currently. Thereafter never ever texted them back. Friendly, good-looking, and over since genuine as Katie Price’s nipples, it is person to plan with care.

PROS: the guy won’t find those bothersome thinking…

CONS: …but you will get chlamydia.


He invested the summer months before uni reading Nietzsche, Sartre and Charles Bukowski, that is today researching his own one true-love (if adore prevails) to regurgitate his or her strong, serious emotions onto. Regularly. May be discovered by black color turtleneck, breaking eyebags and startling failure to smile.

UPSIDES: just the thing for offering help to with your idea essays.

DOWNSIDES: therefore monotonous. So self-obsessed. Therefore definitely not really worth costly espresso you’ll want buying.

THE chap

Although Oxford does have its great amount, The chap are a universal type. Usually found inside the Four candle lights, or clearly, possessing a cheeky Nando’s, the global line that binds the many various Lads together is now being fun, and adoring a pint. Can be purchased in various tones, like Rugby chap, Clubbing Lad, or simply your popular and outdoor Lad’s Lad.

PLUSES: Usually very exciting, or becomes the two of you inebriated adequate basically don’t actually cleaning.

DOWNSIDES: you merely realize you’re going to be the main topics dialogue in the bar because of the males the next day.


This guy makes sense. He’s read those content about everyone making their unique Tinder pages into PowerPoint demonstrations. They understands that humorous men receive the models. Dilemma is, it’s all been done earlier. You might swipe correct as a result of the vine recommendations in the biography, but you’ll before long realise that’s duplicated word after word from a 2017 tweet. Sigh. Not so different to be honest.

POSITIVES: 10/10 for energy, whether or not they declines dull immediately after.

DOWNSIDES: receives much less funny when you’ve seen your tenth one out of 60 minutes.


He’s confident, he’s chatty, he’s got a slamming headshot as his first image – it is he or she just chatting you to get you to visit their brand-new perform? We can’t let but inquire how many of the folks in crowd are simply just their chirpses, and you’re also embarrassing to hang around a while later to see.

PROFESSIONALS: you will pick a new-found fascination with graduate theatre – most enjoyable than half the males you’ll fit with at any rate.

DOWNSIDES: 75% chances you’re acquiring ghosted after this week’s BT extend is finished.


An individual go well with on Tinder, that you have some banter, all is excellent. Several enjoyable dates, possibly a sleepover and abruptly – bam. This individual vanishes. You’re left thinking exactly where on earth every thing went wrong, before you understand that you’re the fifteenth girl he’s performed this way too until now in 2012, and it also’s not the start of Trinity. Heart-breaking. Or is going to be if you weren’t messaging seven some other males concurrently.

PROFESSIONALS: around he’s regular. The club is quite low at this stage.

DISADVANTAGES: Perhaps you may get gentle abandonment problems, but nothing Bridget Jones and seven shots of tequila can’t address.


You’re observed him on Oxlove (or Oxford Dank Memes country), you’ve fifty good partners on facebook or twitter, and his title shows up in dialogue at least once every week. Naturally you’re gonna swipe suitable, exclusively for the chitchat at the very least. But one quickly appreciate that he’s using you either to acquire coupling ballots, meme responds, or other private absolutely love statement to improve his own collection.

EXPERTS: your pals consider you’re awesome for speaking with him or her.

DISADVANTAGES: You’re likely to have to arrive at the rear of a very long line for their affections.


That one can chiefly generally be classified in what the guy hates, including (but not restricted to): rowing, black-tie, handing in work timely, the JCR panel, whoever went to public school, and lives by itself. Could be classified by the fact that he is doing practically nothing to switch the adverse components of these exact things, but will go their throat off groaning about all of them.

PLUSES: can work together with a sensibly egalitarian personality to life.

DRAWBACKS: For some reason manages to be a little more irritating and ‘Oxford’ than all the things he dislikes.


At first it may seem this particular chap dresses really and listens to cool songs, nevertheless, you quickly appreciate which it’s exactly the same corduroy trousers/denim jacket/artic monkeys combo as all he’s relatives with (& most of Wadham). You can find him or her at Bully, an overpriced traditional store (but never ever an Oxfam) or crying into a craft alcohol regarding the loss of Cellar.

UPSIDES: 1/10 are in fact earliest and fascinating customers

CONS: Will inevitably need strong attitude on comfort starting point resort and Casino, and you will definitely definitely get to know about all of them.

Generally there you choose to go, a defined guide to the Oxford kids of Tinder. Today return to swiping – you already know you’ll want to.