Thank you for your entire efforts. Additionally, that may ya’ll be finishing first? Amount 17 associated with story that is main Dust Spin off Volume 6.

Dust spinoff first. It’s been in the backburner for a long time.

Additionally i want some time for you to focus on volume 17 anyways.

How about the following story for amount 17?

Awesome act as constantly. You all have actually assisted us a great deal. Many Many Thanks.

The dirt spinoff website website link isn’t working

It must be fixed now

Umm exactly why is the volume 17 not workin?

Once the English translations on Amazon have actually trapped, will this site be closed down?

Many thanks for the translator with this LN we’re really grateful to you personally for achieving this and therefore makes us delighted!

in addition, whenever could be the english interpretation would be released? Many thanks !

The discord website website link might be broken we can’t appear to join it

it states the internet site for volumes 10-11 doesn’t occur

I simply attempted the web link and I also got the exact same outcome. It utilized be effective though: once I first began reading Konosuba translations, these people were on that web web site. That has been before CG began. It is feasible that one other translator took his web web site down/stopped upgrading it.

The website is changing domains, therefore it may be uncontactable for awhile. Usage for the right moment

why am i dating him

It must right it self in just a day or two however.

Proper who would like it, the following is a folder website link: (No Shrinkers)

The following is an updated website link with Vol. 01-16

Many thanks for the amazing work, I look ahead to scanning this volume that is ultimate

Sequel Confirmed (or whatever 後日談​​ means)

I would like somebody with an increase of experience reading Japanese to confirm my understanding, coz 仮 can suggest both ‘fake’ and ‘temporary/unofficial’. Continue reading