Salary Advance

An instantaneous money facility that prepares workers for the— that is unexpected, anywhere.

What exactly is Salary Advance?

Salary Advance is that loan system which allows workers to advance on the next income within the quickest & most way that is convenient.

By simply delivering an SMS, loan proceeds is supposed to be credited with their account within ten full minutes. As soon as it is within the payroll account, the client can withdraw the funds through any ATM. Salary Advance is just offered to workers whoever businesses are Salary Advance-Accredited.

Loan Amount P5,000 to P30,000

Get Accredited: Company

  1. Speak to the safety Bank group.
  2. Submit the needed documents for certification.
  3. Wait for processing and testing of one’s application (3-4 days).

  5. Have actually the MOA signed and submit post-approval documentary demands.
  6. Upon approval, we will setup a booth at your working environment to bring your employee’s applications.

Get Enrolled: Employee

  1. Entirely fill-out and sign the Credit Agreement Form.
  2. Submit the proper execution alongside the documentary demands.
  3. Wait for SMS that is official alert your enrollment confimation and borrowing limit. Continue reading