Building A card that is tinder-esque User Interface. On the weekend we came across a Dribbble post that caught my attention, which depicted a simplified form of the Tinder-esque card software.

When I’m maybe maybe maybe not furiously swiping directly on Tinder attempting desperately to obtain the passion for my life in a s ag ag ag e a of people that are random never met, I’m building software and interfaces for the iPhone.

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Since it works out, Tinder actually pioneered a really interesting and unique gesture-based relationship pattern that set the conventional for all mobiles apps within the pc computer software industry today. Usually one might hear investors, developers and designers talking about their company concept as “the Tinder for X” — alluding into the method it to something other than semi-psychopathically rating other humans in fractions of a second based on nothing more than a mere glimpse of a photograph that it adopts Tinder’s swipe-able card system and applies. Continue reading