Exactly how many nights have you lain awake in some stranger’s sleep while he (or she) dreams close to you?

Just how many times have actually you stared up at a unfamiliar ceiling and thought, Wow, have always been I a slut?

Do people think I’m a slut? How do I understand if I’m a slut? Well, I’ll help you out right now: Answer the 10 concerns below, add up the points that you will get predicated on your responses, and check at the very base to see whether you’re a slut. This quiz was created to be used by any and all sorts of genders and sexual orientations, so don’t worry about your result being skewed by your having or perhaps not having a penis or vagina. It’s also 100 percent nonjudgmental—I’m perhaps not saying it is bad to be a slut or even to have sex with every person-shaped thing you see. I’m merely looking for if you are/do.

Don’t worry, Cosmo won’t mind if you cheat in it with this test. We vow.

1.) Have you ever cheated?

A. “Yes, but I’m not proud of it.” B. “I’m not a relationship form of individual.” C. “Never! I’m a single penis/vagina type person.” D. “It’s maybe not cheating if you don’t get caught.”

2.) What’s the last thing you utilized a bar restroom for?

A. Oral sex. B. Peeing. C. intercourse that is full-blown. D. lines that are snorting.

3.) What is your typical first-date behavior?

A. Ditching the date to go have intercourse with another person. B. attempting valiantly to have set and inevitably failing. C. Refusing to put down because some magazine that is stupid mother said you need to wait at least five times or thirty days, whichever takes longer. D. consuming until you become fucking for a park bench.

4.) You’ve got:

A. Received or given“the shocker.” B. Continue reading