Dealing with Needy Friends: Avoiding People With Clingy Behavior Without Being Rude

How to approach needy friends? Coping with clingy buddies is hard since you would preferably would like them to get rid of their needy behavior without risking your relationship.

It’s complicated as you do not want to appear rude by perhaps not picking right up telephone calls, perhaps not replying to texts and utilizing lame excuses in order to avoid fulfilling such individuals. This post talks about tips on how to keep a needy buddy at supply’s lengths without making him or her feel bad.

Do not answer texts straight away. It’s not necessary to embrace the needless urgency of a friend that is clingy.

1) do not reply to texting instantly

Reduce the chances of the urgency in your needy friend’s behavior by intentionally delaying your answer texts. Wait at the very least an full hour before you deliver your answer and do not offer any excuses for replying belated.

When you look at the meanwhile when your needy buddy chatango dating telephone calls and asks why you’ve gotn’t responded yet, state that you’re busy with something crucial. Continue reading

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