Dick Docking and Penis Rubbing 2: Foreskin. Concern


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As a result of your final answer.

That is my 2nd time we delivered this concern.

I have re-done a research that is thorough the structure of male genitalia. In a nutshell, it turns out that information out there was inconsistent. In Wikipedia, two split entries of Foreskin’ and Mucous membrane’ yield contradictory outcomes: the previous states the glans penis (head of this penis) and glans clitoridis plus the inside the prepuce (foreskin) and clitoral bonnet are maybe maybe not mucous membranes’, whilst the latter says that the internal foreskin is just a mucous membrane layer just like the inside the eyelid or even the lips. ‘ in addition, in accordance with glans penis’ of wikipedia, The epithelium associated with the glans penis is mucocutaneous muscle.’

By the means we learned that the foreskin consists of Langerhans cells that are recognized as receptor of HIV virus (these details arises from OU Handbook of GUM and HIV medicine).

I’ve talked about these problems with a psychiatrist (the reason being that i’m i am exceedingly concerned throughout the whole HIV/STD thingy) who warned me personally that i ought ton’t be doing penis-to-penis side-along rubbing and penis docking more because `it’s rubbing of mucosal cells. Continue reading