In the deep darkness of the evening, in the roughness associated with the breakwater’s wall, in the deafening crash of waves, into the power of his embrace

Confessions of the Pinay

Scared to Surrender

She knew there is no switching right back.… There clearly was no comforting detail, and her heart pounded such as the drumbeat of a tribal war. This is a war for her, and also the walls all over her had been dropping to dirt. She t k one long, deep breathing, kissed the love of her life, and surrendered.

La Lolita

Hearing the name Lolita instantly calls to mind that one term Precocious.

Merriam-Webster defines “precocious” as

1 extremely early in occurrence or development

2 exhibiting mature characteristics at an unusually very early age

Lolita is the name of this precocious woman in Vladimir Nabokov’s novel, aptly entitled along with her title. Her youth and flirtatiousness ensnares the p r bloke that is old Humbert, who goes so far as marrying Lolita’s mom merely to be close to Lolita. Humbert becomes therefore possessive and obsessed of Lolita, while on the other hand, she continues to behave carefree and untethered. Within the final end, Humbert nt only loses Lolita but their sanity, therefore the two souls are ruined some way.

Is Lolita then the more youthful, modern form of Eve? Is she the new downfall of males? The new temptation? Is she the brand new forbidden g d fresh fruit? Will her juvenile wiles bring right down to their knees the most men that are powerful as she did Humbert Humbert?

Or perhaps is she merely a girl whom been precocious? Along with that, cheated?

The connotation that is negative of name Lolita, with all the tab connected to it, all of the perversion also, points to your negative connotation of precocious. Precocious and promiscuous indeed sound alike. But are they the same?

I knew immediately that I thought differently when I was a little girl. I felt differently towards things. We saw differently the events around me personally. Continue reading