Ask Lisa: Younger girl Insecure with Older Man & Ask a man relationship advice

I will be a 23 yr old solitary mom. I simply began dating an adult man. He could be 32 years old. I’m experiencing extremely insecure out of the blue in this relationship. We never ever had this nagging issue prior to. I actually do perhaps not understand because I feel like i don’t have a lot to offer this guy if it is. I will be now just one mom me financially, etc… I keep asking myself why this great guy would love me as I mentioned and this limits? Is it normal?

In addition desire to point out he was friends with for many years that he has a female friend who. Appropriate me she got a divorce from her husband and they talked about starting a relationship before he met. She actually is an extremely appealing older girl more their age and much more economically stable without any kids. This will make me exceedingly insecure. I can’t understand why he pursued me personally over her. They’re not chatting any longer and then he informs me for her that they are no longer even friends – but I have a fear that he will end up leaving me.

Will it be typical for more youthful ladies to feel insecure regarding older guys? I truly just get insecure with regards to older ladies in their life. Personally I think like they’ve more to offer in which he might see more inside them than me personally. Continue reading