20 Best BB Guns in 2021 From BB Pistols to Full Auto BB Rifles

Today, we’re going to discuss the most tried and true tin can slayer of them all, the BB gun.

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BB firearms was once l ked at as p r toys used for only teaching kids the basics of marksmanship and firearm safety, but nowadays you can find extremely fun and powerful BB firearms that when fired will place a grin on just about anyone’s face.

From multi-pump BB rifles to BB pistols to even full-auto BB guns, there are many products that are seriously impressive this list

After l king through this list, you might like to take a g d l k at my review regarding the BB that is c lest gun for plinking. We likewise have reviews on pellet weapons and pellet pistols you may want to consider.

This review will begin with g d beginner BB weapons for kids, but you can use to table of contents below to navigate straight to the variable pump, C02 powered, or full auto section of the review if you’re l king for something a little more powerful. Continue reading