9 Preeminent guide for Digital Marketing Techniques

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Hello guys,  Digital Marketing is one of the Effective course in IT Industry.  By learning digital marketing tactics and strategy it helps to increase your opportunities in career and also grab the newest trends and ROI for future-proof.

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Alright, here you see some of the Digital Marketing Terms which is effectively used in the Digital Marketing World.

301 Redirect

This is a Permanent moved direction to the page with the complete traffic and ranking of the previous page. 301 invokes the access of redirect  with the HTTP status code. It passes the a complete high ranking power to redirected page, so this the best redirects for the website.

302 Redirect

This redirection is used for temporary links. If your website is in under construction or not ready then you have to use 302 Redirect for another webpage which is temporarily used

404 Error

This 404 Error occurs when the visitor attempt  a non existing page. It shows an error message page for the visitor.

Ad Extensions

This Ad Extensions term helps to develop your business with more information in the ad. By doing ad’s, it increases the points in percentage via click-through-rate of ad’s. It has more extension for ad format to improve quality score, set up landing page traffic, ad rank etc.

AdWords (Google AdWords)

AdWords is a google service for business advertisement in SERP to promote and display ads for the advertising network. It helps to develop the advertisers services on assured keywords with the appearance of clickable ads.

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Backlinks are said to be  Inbound links or Incoming Links to a website. The  website is improved by the quality and quantity of backlinks that the google search engine is  analysed and indicates the popularity of webpage results.


Crawler helps to look over the entire websites for collecting and evaluating the data in the webpage and stores the data in a databank.

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Google Analytics

This is the Google Analytics platform with the analytics tool for business and also it is a powerful and integrated measurement for website’s performance.


A sitemap is an XML file used for web pages to  keep a record for your site pages, contents and also posts so that Google Search Engines can crawl your site easily.


Thus, the above overstated informations are useful for to know about  different Digital Marketing Terms and their basic techniques. Hope this is the great awareness for you to pick the Digital Marketing Training in Chennai for developing your career with  practical skills and also use the enormous opportunities in Digital Marketing

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