Barcelona – Juventus: prediction and rate of Alexander Vishnevsky

Barcelona Juventus. The very combination of these words beckons us to the screens, like some kind of zombie. And then there’s the confrontation between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi. When these teams ended up in the same group during the draw, they wanted so much to enjoy the confrontation, but in the end it turned out that. Neither Ferencvaros nor Dynamo Kiev took a single point from the giants. Didn’t even force them to seriously strain. The head-to-head game in the second round, which took place in Turin with the victory of Barcelona (2: 0), took place without the participation of Cristiano Ronaldo, who had a coronavirus.

Now Cristiano is in the ranks, like Lionel Messi, but Messi has not played in the Champions League for two rounds in a row. Because he is not needed yet. With him, Barcelona in the Spanish championship loses to Atlético, Cadiz, and plays very well in the Champions League. In the game mode without Lionel Messi, which seems to have ceased to be needed, because the Champions League games are no longer important for Barcelona, ​​they turn out to be better than with Messi on the field.

I think that the problem here is not in Messi, although this is worth thinking about, because the partners play better without him, as much as the fact that Dynamo and Ferencvaros were none. Now we are in a situation that the upcoming game does not mean anything anymore. Barcelona has already reached the playoffs, as has Juventus. They have won all their matches against other rivals, and Barcelona, ​​taking into account the victory in Turin, has already five victories in a row. On average three goals scored and less than 1 conceded. Gorgeous results.

Now the first place is on the line, but it’s not that much at stake, because Juventus has to try very hard to take this first place. For this, Turintsy need to defeat Barcelona and bypass it in personal meetings, which means they need a victory with a score of 3: 0. If Juventus wins 2-0, then the goal difference will come to the fore, which is better than Barcelona. Bottom line, if Juventus cannot score three goals, then they will not bypass Barcelona. Will the team be able to do this? I think not. Probably, the residents of Turin do not really believe in this.

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I think that both teams will exhibit not only the main lineups, but one and a half. This does not mean that the teams will not fight. Those footballers who do not always appear in the starting lineup will be motivated to prove that they are worthy of the main lineup. Well, when you are a Juventus footballer and play at the Camp Nou, then you will not mess around. The same goes for the Catalans. Even if the stands are empty, Juventus is like a red rag. Of course, you will want to score against the Turin club.

It seems to me that in such a relaxed atmosphere, when no one is fighting for the result, everyone still understands the significance of the match. There will be many viewers. It also turned out that there are practically no top matches on this day. There is a game of Lazio vs Bruges, but they play two hours early. All that remains is RB Leipzig Manchester United match.

It seems to me that in such a relaxed atmosphere it is worth waiting for the heads. I’ll bet on goals in both halves at 1.62 odds. In principle, not a bad coefficient. The teams will be relaxed, the class of non-main strikers, both Barcelona and Juventus are high. Now, when Barça has once again injured Dembele, when Fati is not there, then in such a situation it is logical to wait for goals.

There was an idea to recommend you a bet that Barcelona will not lose with a total of more than 1.5 goals, but during the recording of the video I thought that there is no Dembele, no Fati, Messi will not play. Yes, Coutinho and Griezmann will come out, but I just recommend that you think about her when you see the starting lineups. If the line-up is good, then you can cheer for this bet too. Only two goals are needed, one of which is against Juventus.

But my main bet, that is, goals in both halves, it will be relevant for any lineup, so I choose a goal in the first half and a goal in the second half. What are your ideas on rates, write in the comments, it will also be interesting to see. Like, subscribe to our channel. Especially for the Rating of Bookmakers Alexander Vishnevsky.

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Austria – Denmark: prediction and rate. Effective football awaits us

Austria v Denmark: Team Introductions

Austria Denmark
FIFA rank: 23 FIFA rank: 12
Group win odds: 2.7 Group win odds: 1.58
Squad cost: 298.48 million Squad cost: 301.30 million
Head coach: Franco Foda (Germany) Head coach: Kasper Humland (Denmark)
Top scorer: Adrian Grbic (# 171; Lorient# 187;) Top scorer: Christian Eriksen (# 171; Inter# 187;)

* According to to Euro

Team form

The Austrians are second in the group after two matches. They first managed to play 2: 2 with Scotland, after which they had a successful match with the Faroe Islands (3: 1).

Denmark feels even better. 2: 0 with Israel and an enchanting victory over Moldova – 8: 0. Scandinavian national team wins first place in group.

Austria and Denmark in their last five matches

Austria Denmark
3 wins, 2 draws 4 wins, 1 loss
28.03.21 Austria Faroe Islands 3: 1 28.03.21 Denmark Moldova 8: 0
25.03.21 Scotland Austria 2: 2 25.03.21 Israel Denmark 0: 2
eighteen.eleven.20 Austria Norway 1: 1 eighteen.eleven.2020 Belgium Denmark 4: 2
15.eleven.20 Austria Northern Ireland 2: 1 15.eleven.2020 Denmark Iceland 2: 1
eleven.eleven.20 Luxembourg Austria 0: 3 eleven.eleven.2020 Denmark Sweden 2: 0

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Outcome betting

Austria’s chances of winning this match are around 30%. W1 can be played for 3.05. A draw is slightly less likely – 3.32. Most expected result – Denmark win (odds 2.51).

Handicap betting

Plus odds in favor of Austria are not an option, odds are too small. H1 (0) is played for 2.14. The team really did not know defeat for a long time, especially at home (the last happened on September 7). However, with Denmark, jokes are bad.

Away (0), in turn, is played for 1.79. Denmark is really amazingly good on the road. Lost only one match, and even that Belgium itself. Wherein beat England and Wales. It is quite possible that if not a victory, then a draw, which is insured with a return at this rate.

Austria – Denmark: a history of personal meetings

Date and tournament Match
16.ten.18 Friendly Denmark Austria 2: 0
03.03.10 Friendly Austria Denmark 2: 1
09.ten.91 Euro Qualification Austria Denmark 0: 3
05.06.91 Euro Qualification Denmark Austria 2: 1
Total 3 Denmark wins, 1 Austria wins, 5: 6

Total bets

Bookmakers do not consider the upcoming fight as potentially productive. TM (2.5) is offered for 1.68. Here it is not entirely clear. Both teams score, both top often. Why should such a coefficient be? I think you can play against expectations here.

Since TB (2.5) is highly rated 2.31. Austria played four of the last five riding matches at home (conceded each). Denmark has two out of five. But at the same time, the Danes themselves scored in each of the matches. The rate is extremely promising.

Forecast and bet on the match Austria – Denmark

Here you can choose either TB (2.5) or OZ for 1.96, or you can also take a combination of these two options. I think any of these bets has every chance of success. Surprised by such high odds. We play OZ for 1.96.

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