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Upper Bern is exactly what undoubtedly about and I also are not able to continue caution the heedless.

As reported by the news, 67,000 birds died in a flame in Upper Bern near Allentown. Believed it was the 3rd fire in as many ages in one meat farm.

F’ckin chrystians wanna be chickenz cuz Jebus mentioned ‘chickens’ once. The man stated (so I paraphrase) “don’t be a shit-stain” repeatedly and again. Even so they want to feel chickenz.

EQ in Cabra (Goat) Phillipines and EQ in Easter isle while I published that. The guy realizes what you’re undertaking. Jesus stated “you shouldn’t be a goat or he can provide to hell.” Goat. shit-stain. Jesus mentioned abstraction greater than i could. At any rate, In my opinion a person who can vibrate the planet earth try suggesting that you will ben’t birds, you are goats.

Except those on whom your own Lord features compassion – that is why they developed all of them. The Word of the Lord is definitely final: “i am going to fill heck with jinn and humans, completely.”

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