SARAH BUITENDACH: residing a golden days of fifty shades of grey

The silver foxes on our screens include proof that 60 will be the new 40 (for males)

The other day, a pal, edging his way past 45, requested whether he must look into dyeing his hair. It is a fact that in recent years his locks have grown to be considerably stunning. Fifty simple shades of gray have actually replaced forever of strong brown.

But dyeing their locks? I happened to be appalled. You will find never a need for males to color their grey. “Age gracefully,” we shrieked. My content ended up being straightforward: getting a sterling silver fox, maybe not the guy whom pitches upwards of working one day with a differently hued, “youth-enhancing” hair just so all co-worker can gossip in regards to the signs of a midlife problems.

Mercifully, the guy seems to have taken heed of my recreational dramatics and resisted reaching when it comes to Garnier Nutrisse field – nevertheless have me personally thinking about old boys. Or can I state “fantasising”? My notice wandered to Robert Downey Jr, Keanu Reeves and Lenny Kravitz. Continue reading