COVID-19 Testing Information. Whenever can I opt for screening?

You may get a test that is covid-19 an evaluation centre, care center, or community screening web web site if some of the after connect with you:

1. Signs:

Unless it is to go for testing or to seek medical care if you have COVID-19 symptoms, please continue to self-isolate, follow the self-isolation instructions and do not leave your place of isolation.

Sore neck, trouble swallowing, brand brand new olfactory (scent) or taste disorder(s), nausea/vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain, pneumonia, runny nose* or nasal congestion.*

2. Publicity:

  • You’ve been confronted with somebody who tested positive for COVID-19:
    • In the event that you understand whenever you had been exposed, get tested at the least 1 week after your final publicity and remain in self-isolation; if perhaps you were tested before Day 7 after publicity, a perform test is preferred on or after Day 10 after publicity. You were exposed, or have had repeated exposure, get tested right away if you do not know when.
    • When you have had ongoing experience of someone who tested good (age.g., a family group user), get tested straight away. If perhaps you were tested before Day 7 of the self-isolation, a perform test is preferred on or after Day 10 after visibility.
  • A COVID was received by you Alert application visibility notification; or
  • You may be a resident or an employee in a environment which has an outbreak that is covid-19 as identified by Ottawa Public wellness. Continue reading